Tuesday, December 2, 2008

You're a mean one...Mr.Grinch

After having my hands gouged by needles and tiny branches and encrusted in sap, after leaving a half a million needles all over my floor and rugs, after securing the beast in my vintage tree stand, complete with rusty metal screws and after spending another twenty minutes trying to keep in straight up in the stand...I love my real live Christmas tree. As much as I love to complain, it was worth every bloody and sticky finger. Talk to me after I string the lights later, that may be another story.

The best part of bringing home the tree is unpacking all the ornaments and reliving all the memories as you unwrap them. My jack-o-lantern from Evanston, the Mardi Gras mask from New Orleans, the Horoscope globe from Lincoln Park and my Alice in Wonderland paper dolls from Marshall Fields. (That's Macy's on State Street for all of you who are not Chicagoans). I actually cherish the imprinted gift boxes as much as the ornaments themselves. Remember the green paper tote bags, "three o'clock, time to shop!" I sound like a sentimental grandma...but those were the glory days. I digress.....I hope you all enjoy unwrapping your memories this Christmas. Having really unique and special ornaments makes it more of an event when it's time to trim the tree. You're not just strategically placing Target-$9.99-a-box-for-a-dozen-red-balls on your tree, you're reveling in each piece, like it's a piece of you on the tree for all to see. A biography of your family. My kids have a story to tell about each one. Which is the favorite, where it came from or who bought it for us as a gift. Another holiday tradition that happened without being contrived, those are the best and longest lasting. Hopefully, my kids will do the same with their children someday.

Maybe the spirit is starting to move me...a little.


  1. Lisa, what is a horoscope globe? Sounds interesting but no clue what it could be. Thanks.

  2. My horoscope globe is a handpainted wooden ball with all the astrological symbols (goat, fish, ram, etc.) on it. Six on the bottom and six on the top. It opens up also so you can write down notes and leave them in till next year. I have a friend who thinks it's sacreligious (somthing about mixing Christianity's holiest day with Paganism...go figure)but it's beautiful and it was one of the first ornaments I ever bought for myself as a grownup. Plus it's from Chicago so it's extra special. Sometimes I miss living downtown but then I'll go for a visit and the urge subsides.