Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Time to butch it up!

I am tired of girlie. I've never been overly feminine with my designs but I can appreciate the soft lines, subtle colours and curvy silhouettes. What woman doesn't love flowers and little bird statues on her coffee table?

I'm just not in the mood right now. I am in desperate need of a How about a little inspiration?

I think Lenny would enjoy this room, very earthy and a little crunchy while still maintaining the hip factor: just like him.

A world traveler, spy and conqueror of women on a global scale needs a room to keep up with him.

Gorgeous, structured, masculine and well thought through...I'm talking about the room but I'm really referring to the beautiful creature known as Rob.

Mysterious, a little creepy and dangerous. (Just how I like 'em!) Reminds me of The Leaky Cauldron.

Chris (Kurt!) would approve of this beautiful and open game room. Let's turn the garage into a gorgeous game room. Can someone please make me another Cosmo?

Architectural, clean cut, stylish as hell and inspires one to work all night. Again, I'm talking about the room. Oh JT.....

Andre (3000) is intelligent, fashionable, worldly and sexy just like this room. It has (my beloved) taxidermey, leather and is peppered with found objects from all over.

This room feels a little scholastic, super stylish and has a British sensibility. James is all of those and he's smoking hot on top of all that.

Enough of the beautiful boys, they're distracting.

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