Friday, July 6, 2012

Men...why so apathetic?

I love men. I especially love my husband of seventeen years. I also love gay men. Here is where I'm going with this..are (hetero) men really interested in interior design? Of course the answer is yes but what percentage? And why is the percentage so high with gay men? What is it about interiors that repels the average man? Is it some crazy chemical imbalance? It's not an uber girly genre. These are spaces that we all spend time in. Do you not care if your living room sofa is leather or mohair? Are you that lackadaisical to the palette of the Turkish rug? If you don't care then I guess I'll just go ahead and recover your Dad's wing back in a modern floral. I have your attention, sir.

I wish men were not so apathetic about such an important part of their lives. A while back I did an entry about pairing up smoking hot men with equally handsome rooms, one of my favorite entries. I definitely have more of a masculine lean when it comes to design so I'm on your side dudes! Next time your wife/girlfriend/partner asks your opinion about your interior space, give an opinion. You may not get your way but at least you've contributed. Take pride in your home, you spend a lot of time there and it's one of the last safe places out there.

Sooo butch! See, isn't this fun?

See, not all pictures and wall hangings have to consist of flowers.

So next time you've been drug out to a furniture store or (gasp) an antique store by your better half, please try to at least act like you're interested and answer her questions with more than grunts and shoulder shrugs. It will make her so happy if you at least just point to one of the pillows she's holding up for your approval. I guarantee she won't choose the one you pointed to but at least you're engaged in the outing. If you are on good behavior most of the day you may even get lucky that night.


  1. Oh so true, however oh so good on so many levels. Heterosexual men, in general, have terrible taste. Yes, this might be a chemical issue, but true nonetheless. I would venture very few women or gay gentlemen would want a hetero shopping companion. The entire time would be spent saying things like, "No,that won't work", or "That's charming Sweetie, but..." or ending up purchasing something that has no function, style or beauty and trying to make it work, just not to hurt his feelings. In all my years of experience, the bottom line is they just don't give a rat's ass. Yep you're right "Totally Apathetic. Thanks for the well written article. I enjoyed it very much.

    1. Thank you thank you! It is so true. In all the years of being in the decorating biz, I have yet to meet a man along the way (hetero, mind you) who has any visible amount of taste. Bless their hearts!

  2. As long as the piece of furniture suits a purpose, why should I care? A chair is a chair, it doesn't matter what it looks like as long as I can sit in it.

    Interior design is wasting time thinking about something I hate thinking about. Just buy it and move on with your life.