Saturday, January 17, 2009

IKEA in the White House?

I was watching the news this morning and an image popped up on the screen...a limo with a blue and white striped love seat, squeezed in and tied down with the trunk open. On top of the limo were three flat packed sizable boxes, strapped to the roof with safety straps. Nothing too unusual about this. The headline under the news picture read "IKEA in the White house?!" Looking closer at the printing on the boxes, there was the familiar logo. The reporters were aghast..."Can you believe this", "it's a little low brow" and on they went.

Let me say this...those of you that know me, know I am not an Obama supporter. (An entirely separate blog would be required for that). But Barry and Michelle deserve a round of applause for this decision. It's the first idea he's had that I agree with. I'm sure their designer suggested it for the girls rooms... funky, fun, flashy and economical. What's not to like there? Just please don't let the furnishings bleed out to other areas of the White house. It's easy to do with IKEA, a little here, a little there, pretty soon you're home starts to look very freshman dormsy.

Since the Inauguration is costing (us) upwards of $150 million, there needed to be some corners cut somewhere but the Obama children will not suffer in their new digs because of it. In fact, it probably will be the most liberating space in the entire White house.

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