Monday, February 14, 2011

Mimi and me

Around Thanksgiving this year, my beloved Jeep Grand Cherokee had given her last ounce of mobility to me. After eleven years and 226K miles, she quietly died on a frigid afternoon in Geneva, Illinois. After going for weeks without a car, don't get me started on what a pain that was, my husband finally found my dream replacement. A 1989 Mercedes 300 SE. I love cars, I was raised to love cars and I'm trying to raise my kids to love cars. Let me be more made before the 1990's are my passion. My dream would be a 1967 Charger or maybe a 1963 Cadillac with suicide doors. But Mimi (that's what I named her, what? you don't name your cars?!) was made for me at this point in my life. When I was 16, my father bought me a red '67 convertible Mustang. She was tits! That was back in 1984 (yikes) and even the boys at school were jealous. But now as a 43 year old, with two twelve year olds, a husband of fifteen years and a head of white (premature) hair, Mimi fits me to perfection. She is a yacht on wheels with lots of curves but built like a tank. (Sounds like I'm describing myself). She has incredibly tacky (and sooo 80's) maroon leather interior with matching carpet that pops against her white (and I mean white) body. Her crowning glory, besides the medical emergency kit built in to the rear seat, is the Mercedes emblem that sits at the front of the hood. It's her tiara! I feel like a rock star when I am driving her and for the first month, I couldn't stop smiling whenever I got in. She makes me feel like a million bucks and she is the perfect compliment to where I am in my life...still fashionable but aging gracefully.

So here is the point I'm trying to make. Do not settle. This statement can be applied to any aspect of your life but when it comes to material possessions that define us (our homes, our cars and our clothes) make sure you are sending the right message. Do you really have to drive that minivan because you're guilted into it by all the other moms? No. Do you really have to paint every room in your home tones of oatmeal? No. Should you really buy "sensible" shoes because you're over 40? Hell no. Please, be yourself and don't be a sheep, it's a great feeling to not give a shit what others think. Give it a shot...but you have to really feel it.

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