Sunday, February 5, 2012

Greekster Baby!

It has been two long years since we have celebrated Greek Easter properly. It has been a tough couple of years for us as a family and I feel like we're back on track. A feeling of fresh starts, renewals and putting the past behind us. It's what Easter is all about, rebirth and renewal. This year we have decided to revive Greekster...drinking beginning at 9am, more Greek food than anyone should have and the sweet smell of spring as the lamb rotates on the spit. I've got two months to prepare, should be enough time.

Yep, head and all.

The consumption of this is after dark.

Dying the red eggs is labor intensive and a potentially catastrophic mess but they're gorgeous and fun for the kids to crack later.

The Icons are so beautiful. We received so many for our wedding but I wish we had more.

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