Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pop goes Spring!

Everyone babbles on for weeks at a time at this point in the year about Spring. The colors, the temperature, the flowers, the renewal and all things pastel. I will insert my Spring inspiration here and allow you to get back to the REAL task at hand every Spring...home improvements!

Paint your front It's easy, inexpensive, adds instant curb appeal, brings a much needed pop (most likely) to your exterior, it's a great return on your miniscule investment and (the bast part) it's instant gratification!

Wow...see what I'm talking about? Tangerine Tango is Pantone's 2012 colour of the year. They set the tone for the design industry, they know what they're talking about. Trust them ~and me.

This is gorgeous. Popping out against the white trim with the gleaming hardware, you could stop traffic with this. Notice the high gloss paint, too. Don't be afraid of that finish. Ignore the novice advice of the twenty-something guy at the hardware store in the paint department.

Another lovely, bright and slightly retro color. Reminds me of Geraniums. Super girly.

Okay, the doors here are incredible on their own but the color makes it. You could easily use it, too. Upgrade the hardware while you're at it.

I thought these flowers pretty much sum it all up. So much inspiration in one vase.

And finally, here is the color chart from Pantone. Interesting choices. They chose the Tangerine to energize and revitalize the weary consumers of our country. Hope it works because I think we've all had enough. Here's to a Revitalized and Energized Spring! ~raise your glass~

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