Friday, July 20, 2012

In the Navy!

I'm pretty sure I am now mature enough to fully embrace the color Navy. I think there are some colors in the spectrum that you grow in and out of and some you have to have enough wisdom to fully appreciate. It is a quiet color with lots of muscle, the strong silent type, it has as much tradition as it's military namesake and it makes me feel (just a teeny tiny bit) like a Kennedy back in the early sixties.

Powder rooms are the best rooms in your home to experiment with the dark, the intense and the glossy, three of my favorite things. This beautiful sink looks like a starlet under the spotlights. Gorgeous!

Here we go...Mary McDonald is one of my favorite designers. Her punches of graphic patterns and colors, especially on floors, is always the room maker. It's her signature style and it once again proves that the floor (and ceiling) are just as important as the walls. This pattern is so over-scaled it's almost comedic, that's why it's so amazing. I'm forgetting how beautiful the rest of the room is but that's a no brainer.

This flame patterned wallpaper is another wonderful graphic punch that makes the room. The white and orange jump out and give just the right amount of contrast to make this room really pop. The navy, white and green color combo also totally remind me of the early eighties at Catholic know, Izods, Sperrys and cardigans.

This room is so freaking fantastic that I posted it on my Facebook page this week. Chartreuse is my favorite color and the contrast it provides in this room breathes a little modernity into an otherwise stuffy room, although it is saved from that fate by the sexy high gloss walls.

I think I'll paint our powder room this weekend...high gloss navy I think.

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  1. Love this post...Navy is a very commanding color, thus it's military use. It can also be incredibly consuming due to it's strength. However, when teased with bright accents, such as orange, yellow, green, white and whimsical accessories it tends to settle down, and starts taking itself less seriously. Delighted you shared the significant potential of a often neglected color.
    Fabulous photos!!!