Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Trainwrecks

This has been an unusual year for me and my family but with the Holidays approaching I wanted to remind some of you how fortunate you are for having a normal family, per say. I'm not saying my family is not normal, I'm pretty sure they are. Besides, how do we even gauge normalcy anymore since we're all self diagnosed nut jobs?
Ah, a military family!
Wow! He is excited about Santa!
Yeah, Moms think it's cute to dress you all alike.
Taxidermy with a Latin flair...that screams Christmas joy.
I'm not sure what's more amazing in this shot. Getting all these dogs to sit still and look at the camera or the sheer opulence of it all!
...and party ev-er-y day!
Have yourself a dark and dreary Christmas...
Santa is always tolerant of those on the naughty list, too. Photos courtesy of Awkward Family Photos, Thank you! Please cherish the time with your family this crazy season. Merry Christmas!


  1. OMG, these pictures are GREAT just glad I don't see my family here, LOL!

  2. My favorites are the Goth families. Too dark for society but not too dark for Santa!