Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bring on the wild

The amazing variety of wallpaper available today is astounding. There is no way a little blog can even scratch the surface of this design element but I can share a few favs.
This "Deer" paper is exquisite. From afar it probably looks like a beigey abstract but upon closer inspection you see the herd in a kaleidoscope of movement.
This one kills me..."Yeah, so I'm looking for something with Iguanas." The diagonal print, the strangling and wrapping of the flora around him and the insects buzzing about. There's even a bird trying to subdue him. It all just makes it even weirder, which I love.
A little more traditional and I really love the black and the peacock green. I bet this wall really pops.
I love the color combo in this but the fish almost look a little prehistoric to me, a little creepy but from afar the design has lots of movement.
Gorgeous, graphic and Asian = First Place! Thanks to Walnut Wallpaper for these incredible finds. Check them out, you will be wowed.

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