Saturday, October 15, 2011

East Side Modern Housewalk

Today there is a house walk -right here in my neighborhood- and I'm super psyched. Five homes on the walk, four of them excellent examples of Mid-Century Modern and the fifth is the original French Chateau style brick farmhouse that was on the original farmstead back in the 40's. When I was a kid, whenever we went anywhere at night I always tried to peek into people's homes to get a glimpse of the interior. As I got older, I would take walks at night through the neighborhood to sneak a peek into people's homes. Today, I can proudly walk into complete stranger's homes, in broad daylight and linger in full view of witnesses. Hell, there will be others there with the same love that I share for others homes. I confessed my night time peeping habits to two area Designers the other day (Pam & Kimberly from Accent on Interiors here in Bloomington) and they too revealed the same compulsion. We all laughed and were speculating that we couldn't possibly be the only three people in the world who had this love. If you're reading this and you're one of us, please confess. Don't misunderstand, no one is encroaching onto property and cupping their hands on the window for a cheap thrill, we simply take a look at the obvious. If you really don't want anyone to catch a glimpse of the inside of your home, draw the curtains tight. If you don't mind a little admiration form afar, keep those sheers open. I will post my adventure from today tomorrow. Can't wait!

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