Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'll take the stairs

I always said my last home in life will be a ranch, completely flush with the ground outside. I don't want to have to haul laundry, groceries or anything else over three pounds up or down any more stairs. Retirement is at least 30 years away but I've already had enough of the up and downs. But I know already that I will really miss having a beautiful staircase.
Yeah, in my wildest dreams this is my staircase.
Okay, not my staircase either.
Alright, a far more down to earth staircase that is really cute. A pop of color or pattern that is really fun. I'm guessing this is wallpaper, bet that was fun to install.
I love-love-love this shot. The zebra runner is fab, the "mural" on the landing wall is so clever and you can never go wrong with a creamy and black color scheme.
The floor to (I'm assuming) ceiling gallery combined with the lively pattern of the runner provides so much interest and movement. Not to mention the linear railing, super mod.
This is my favorite. It's like a genuflect on the way up and a curtsey on the way down.


  1. Although I’m still fit, but I have no stairs in my house ! why go up & down ? as long as you can stay always on ground flour ..

    I like your creative Ideas
    enjoyed your blog

  2. Thanks! I'm still very fit but I'm just sick of it.