Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Breaking the're so naughty BLUE

I have always understood that blue is an appetite suppressant. I know it is a calming color and one of my favorites but using it in the kitchen was considered, for years, to be a no-no. To hell with the rules ~one of our mantras here at Zoe~ and bring on the blue in your kitchen.
This is one of my favs so far. The domestic bliss in this shot is stunning. The blue seems to vibrate or hum with a quiet intensity. Maybe that's where she's getting all that energy from.
Blue and cherry are an amazing combo. It's kitchy, country and mid century mod all at the same time. The tulip chairs are the perfect spot for the pop of cherry. This should give you proof that you should not be afraid to mix complimentary colors.
Again, complimentary colors do the trick here. The wall adds a textural interest and the wooden countertop warms it all up. Now, these chairs...Tolix (I believe), a french company has been making them for years. Beautifully industrial and will outlast you and your family. Worth every dime.
This wall color is a fabulous navy, which is constantly overlooked on the color wheel. The portrait brings a little seriousness to the room but the white, crisp cabinets tell you this kitchen is all about getting the job done. I really like this room but I think it would bring me down after a while. I'd rather see the navy wall in a living room with a white marble fireplace and a gallery of gloomy portraits there.
This kitchen has that whimsical and goofy feeling that keeps moods light and happy. Who wouldn't want a black crystal chandelier in their Tiffany Blue kitchen? Maybe I would enjoy being in the kitchen more if I had one, too!