Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mid Century Modern Horcrux

Yesterday was the BRI (Bloomington Restoration Inc) Eastside Modern house walk in my very own neighborhood. five homes, each of them with so many similarities yet so different in those intangible ways. Magnificent, MidCentury Modern homes, some completely and dramatically renovated, others literally untouched from the day the owners had finally settled in. I am a sentimental sucker in historical areas. Family pictures, old furniture, forty year old books and old family sedans are a few things that bring a smile to my face. These objects are almost like a Horcrux (if you're unfamiliar with this term, I refer you to Harry Potter and feel sorry for you at the same time) and hold all human interaction with it. I know, a little flaky but it's how I feel. That's what these homes were yesterday. The well worn path on the cork floor through the hallways, the slightly mildewy aroma of childhood books still on their shelves and the original medicine cabinet that holds God-only-knows-what kind of secrets over the years. These are all the amazing experiences I had. One room in particular that made me really smile upon entering was the bathroom of a wonderful A Frame home (just a few hundred feet from my own home), nothing spectacular really...original fixtures, sink, tub and toilet but covering the walls were framed -of all different sizes- family pictures. Old black and whites of great grandparents, grandchildren, adult children, wedding photos, family reunions, hell there was even a picture of President Obama. This room was uber personal, not only because (of the obvious) it's a bathroom but because of all the very intimate photos that covered the walls. I think I spent the most time in there, floating from frame to frame, trying to tie family member to family member. The docents in the other room were probably wondering what the hell I was actually doing in there. The afternoon felt like a privilege, thanks to BRI and all the homeowners -my neighbors- for allowing us to peer into your homes and your lives for an afternoon. If you ever have the opportunity to go on a house walk, whether it's a million dollar a home house walk or a Queen Anne restoration house walk, go. Try to feel the energy of the house and it's inhabitants, it's an amazing feeling. Plus, when do you ever get the chance to stroll through someone's home ala Gladys Kravitz. (Again, for the pop culture inept I refer you to Bewitched and feel sorry for you again). A quick note...Bewitched is a wonderful show to watch for the interiors and decor. I'm going to add that to my side list.

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